Chain of Coral/ Feelings of Plenty – Press Release Sept 2019

Pearly release their double A-side, Chain of Coral/ Feelings of Plenty

Double A-Side “Chain of Coral / Feelings of Plenty” marks the first release from Pearly. The songs are intense, emotional and at times euphoric. The songs were recorded to tape at Analogue Catalogue studios in Newry at the start of this year. There are guest appearances on “Chain of Coral” from A.S. Fanning on bass and O’Emperor’s Brendan Fennessy on drums. The track was mixed by A.S. Fanning in a studio in East Berlin which once served as a Stasi HQ before the wall came down. “Feelings of Plenty”, in stark contrast, was captured in a one-take live recording and is minimal in it’s production with one electric guitar and two voices and was mixed by Julie in the foothills of the Mourne mountains.

In 2017 Cormac O’Keeffe and Saramai Leech moved to Berlin from the remote Irish countryside of Co. Meath. The fruits of gigging frequently and embedding themselves into the Berlin music scene are evidenced in their honed and unique songwriting. “Though we moved to Berlin with a trove of songs, these two singles are both songs we wrote after we arrived in Germany. The Berlin scene has pushed us in ways we don’t even fully realise yet. There’s been a great freedom in living in such a big city. Mostly it’s the space and time to experiment and the fact that you can gig often to different audiences,” says Cormac.

Pearly met Julie McLarnon at a Dublin gig last year. She invited them to her studio in Newry and straight away it was a good fit. They recorded several tracks to tape and these releases are the fruits of that week. Saramai recalls, “We started playing ‘Feelings of Plenty’ in the live room, just warming up really and getting our sounds. The amp was in the room and everything. Suddenly the light on the mountains turned purple and there was a certain magic glow in the room. Julie quickly set up six mics around us, kind of like a photographer. That’s the recording you hear”. 

Chain of Coral / Feelings of Plenty will be released on the 4th October 2019 on Greenbay Records via the usual digital platforms. Vinyl release to follow.

Presave on Spotify HERE.

Download Wavs or Mp3s HERE.

Pearly play Berlin dates and a showcase gig at Irish Music Week Dublin.

Live Dates

  • 18th Sept –  Ä Bar Berlin
  • 4th Oct – The Grand Social, Irish Music Week Dublin
  • 26th Oct – Madame Claude’s, Berlin
  • 7th Feb – Vinyl Release Party, Berlin, TBA
  • 14th Feb – Vinyl Release Party, Ireland, TBA

Chain of Coral/ Feelings of Plenty comes out October 4th 2019 on Greenbay Records. They have plans to release two more singles in the coming months and a 10” vinyl release will be available from February 7th 2020.

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